Strange behaviour with Torrent application

Hello All,

I have just installed Comodo (I previously used Sygate firewall, but now it’s a dead prog :frowning:
I don’t understand something, though.

I have an application, µTorrent, which cannot be contacted from the outside.
In the “Application Control Rule”, I specify to allow all traffic for this application. It doesn’t work. I read the tutorial on Torrent, and I have to add a “very large” network rule to allow all traffic from all ip from all ports to my computer (I don’t see the option to specify my application in the network rule).

It’s not very secure, in my opinion.

Of course it works like this, but I am very surprised to add such a rule, when I told to CPF to allow all activity in the µTorrent settings ??

Thanks for your answers…

If a program on your computer does not initiates or is not using a connection to a port then that port is stealthed.