Strange behaviour with removable hd


I installed the v3 version on C:, but I have one removable harddisk (D:) which I use in one of two pcs in order to exchange big video files.
When I remove it from the pc where v3 is installed and I start the pc, it (comodo) says that there is a misinstallation and it has to fix some problems. So I let it fix it and restart the pc. OK, everything works fine.
But when I put the hd back into the pc and boot it again, the same error message appears, telling me that there is a misconfiguration or installation and it fixes the problem again and I have to restart the pc again.

What the hell is happening there? It is installed on C: and has normally nothing to do with D:, has it?

Did you install cfp with the removable drive plugged in? It needs to be plugged in or clean pc mode gets confused as to why it was not a fixed drive before.

When a new hd is detected windows will reassign the corresponding lowlevel device names. All major settings use these names and thus CFP cannot work correctly.