strange behaviour, vpn connection

I need some advice upon this case;
my vpn connection pops up every now and then. I suspect a trojan on my computer. But, I’ve scanned my computer both online and by my AntiVirus software w/o finding anything. I’ve also been browsing and checking every unknown component listed in comodo firewall w/o finding anything…

Anyone who have any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

Anyone having any idea …?

Hi cje

I’m afraid I’m clueless… mainly because I don’t have VPN. But, what do you mean when you say that your VPN connection pops-up? Do you mean something is trying to initiate a VPN connection or that the VPN connect status keeps appearing?

Also, if you don’t get any answers from the forum then you can always go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue.

Thanks for your reply.
What happens is that the “external connection window” and my office “VPN connection window” pops up every now and then.
Normally when I’m connecting to my office I have to start this program to connect manually - but, now this starts automatic.

Couldn’t that be because something has the connection type defined as LAN (ie. MSIE, Office, etc…)? So, when it wants to use an external resource (whatever that might be) Windows just initiates a connection attempt blindly & thus VPN pops-up.

Of course, I could have grabbed hold of the wrong straw here. (:AGL)

Good point!
I’ll check if I find a way to check it.
Thanks for your comments.