Strange behaviour of Rocketdock...

I had a lot of work to do on my computer, so I decided to make it look a little nicer ;D I decided to dl a programme called “Rocketdock” at which enhances the taskbar a tad. In advance,I googled for any suspicious behaviours (spyware etc.), it’s use of resources etc. All was (is) well. However, not 5 mins ago, CFP reported that rocketdock.exe had modified explorer.exe in memory (I guess that was it. I denied without really reading :slight_smile: to start BOClean to act as a server. As I said, I’m not sure about the real alert but these three programmes were involved and BOclean wanted to act as a server (or connect to the internet). Well, at least the BOClean icon was displayed in the alert and explorer.exe was the parent.
Could this be normal behaviour or is there sth fishy going on? Avira (AntiVir) didn’t find anything and McAfee’s siteadvisor says was a trustworthy site and Rocketdock a ‘green’ download.
Any suggestions (to ease my mind, but all others too) would be most welcome.

Deja vu:

But non-applicable to you due to memory loss. Or maybe you weren’t around back then. Now I’m starting to catch your disease :(.

Hi grampa, now you may have seen the thread Soya posted? I’m still a little uncertain in this topic. Can’t really give you any advice, but personally I don’t use RocketDock because I’ve never accepted that DLL injection (also, I don’t really need it, the start menu works). :-\

Soya, great memory :wink:


Hey, thank you for your quick replies. The other thread eased my paranoid mind a bit. However, I might decide to uninstall RD (or to format and reinstall Windows - just in case… :P). Do you know if RD uninstalls completely; is it safe to simply uninstall?
You know, I just installed opensuse 10.3 (beta) on the same HD as my XP Home and really liked the look and ‘feel’ of it. However, I have little time to really dig into it’s workings. What’s more, I coouldn’t get the internet to work (T-Com Speedport w701v). After I had some more problems (probably screwed up everything :’( ) I uninstalled Suse… only have an iso-image recovery cd for xp… problems with reinstall… took a long time… would like to reinstall Suse but am afraid I won’t get internet to work, again.
Any ideas on the internet issue? Experiences with opensuse? Other suggestions (e.g. (K)Ubuntu)?
That’s my problem: I like to try new programmes but am not really capable of handling them ;D It’s good fun though.
Thanks for all your help,

Should I open a new thread for the opensuse questions?

That’s a typical Leoni solution but always a bit painful. :wink:
I wouldn’t do it just because of RocketDock, but my threshold is low… 8)

As I remember it, there is no problem. Just check that the uninstaller deletes all dedicated folders. Also, you might want to run a registry cleaner (carefully).

I don’t know for your specific issue, difficult to tell. I was lucky to try Ubuntu, and everything worked from the beginning… Internet, USB, keyboard layout (Swedish), even the Fn keys, even specific quick launch buttons on the laptop! Fantastic.

Please do, or continue in the long existing Linux distro thread. :slight_smile:


Wow, it didn’t even take you 15mins to reply. That’s brill (:HUG). This forum really is the best ;D
Thanks /LA, very informative and helpful. Might take a while before I’ll get around to try a respective Linux distribution (and post on that subject). :slight_smile:

Just glad to help! :slight_smile:

Good luck with Linux when you’re ready for it!


If you’re really paranoid you might want to use a Linux disk eraser to really wipe out the data because a format merely overwrites the table pointers (or something like that).

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this to paranoid you up. (:NRD)