Strange Behaviour After Scan

But the scan found no threats.\

I ran a scan on the machine the day before, adn it found 88 threats, most of which I knew were false. However it did find 20 instances of a file called A0089459.exe or similar numbers. I knew they could be (are?) bad news and killed them.

Then suddenly about a day later the PC started behaving really strangely. Every window went “home”. If i tried to click anywhere else it would go home: to the top of a scrolling window, to the first icon in a folder etc. I also got random chars (ofter /) typed in text boxes. I disconnected the keyboard and that did not help.

So I ran a scan. Comodo found no threats…but the behaviour stopped. And it has not come back.

if Comodo saw the threats last time and i asked to quarantine, or remove them, will it do this again? I am puzzled, because the A0089459.exe stuff seems to generate random numbers, so Comodo would not have recognised them, surely.

Should I be looking for a virus generator or is all of this just pure luck?

Thanks for any help


Hi nick the files that are named A000B9459.exe and so on are exe’s that system restore back’s up, it may have backed up a cuple of malware in it, but most malware cant run from those folders.

Also what version of CIS are you using? check under Miscellaneous > About

As for the weird behaviour im not sure what that could have been caused by, maybe malware.
If comodo sees more treats i would recommend you Quarantine in case its a false positive.
I would also recomend you follow this gide on What to do if your PC is infected :;msg231504#msg231504

And please submit the False Positives here:;msg256411#msg256411

Please keep us updated.

Well I thibnk it turned out to be a wireless mouse I was using! I tried another PC that I knew I was going to not need anyway, and for a while I thought it might have infected the BIOS or WHY. BUt removing ghe mouse seems to have done the trick.

I had maybe 80 false positives, if you include the ones you say are restore points!

I have submitted several FPs, and twice been told IIRC that it was now fixed, and Comodo just kept on reporting them, even if I out them on my ignore list.