Strange behavior

I am running a Windows 7 as my Mail and web server under VM. Been doing that many years.
I am using a Notes Domino as my mail server and ASSP som my mail front end. I am running Comodo Internet Security, recently downloaded and installed

Now I am experiencing problems. Can not access the server with Remote desktop and can not connect to my mail server.

I turned off Comodo internet security and restarted the server. Did not help. Server not available to remote desktop and no answer from my mail server
I did an uninstall of Comodo and remote desktop and mail worked ok.
I reinstalled Comodo internet security and the problem came back.
If I turn off the firewall, mail and remote desktop works.
If I do an uninstall of comodo mail and remote desktop works.

What seems strange is that it works to turn the firewall off but it does not work to shutdown Comodo and restart the server.

You need to create allow rules in global rules section to open the ports needed to connect to those services. Also when exiting the cis tray in windows task bar does not disable the protection, you must choose disabled for each component to fully disable CIS.

Maybe I was not clear enough. I did shutdown Comodo internet security and it still blocked remote desktop even after I had restarted the computer and not started Internet Security after reboot. Shutting down the computer and restarting it and not starting internet security did not help either. After I did an uninstall of it I could use my remote desktop. After reinstalling it I discovered I could use my remote desktop if turned the firewall off.

Simple explanation: Closing down the software does not stop the software from blocking the remote desktop. Uninstall or specifically turning the firewall off and the remote desktop works ok. Being a long time professional programmer I would call this a “bug”. Closing down the software is not “complete”. Since I discovered this I will turn off the firewall before shutting down the software.