Strange Behavior

HI i have question, i’ve just intalled comodo firewall and really liked it. But it start behaving strangely when i tried to setup remote desktop. Atfirst , i tried to setup a global rule to allow all connection from any ip to any ip on port 3389. that didn’t work, i just couldn’t connect from the remotelocation. next day , i disabled comodo before leaving my house. remote desktop back home, it worked, went into comodo , delete the entry that allows for port 3389 and put in a glocal rule to allow any type of traffic from anywhere to anywhere as long as from my remote location ip address. then i enabled comodo , " i didn’t get disconnected" wow… i thought that worked, but when i tried the last test to disconnect then reconnect, i got no response again and now i’m stuck not being able to remote desktop home. so i’m here asking for help :slight_smile:
thanks for your help


Try to add this rule for the Remote Desktop-application (together with one that allows outgoing IP) and as a global rule:
Allow IP In From IP Any To IP Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is In 3389

NOTE: The global rule has to be above all the blocking rules!

If it doesn’t work, is there anything getting blocked in Firewall Events?


the last rule added was similar to what you sugest except for it’s for any port instead of being specific to 3389. is there any reason why that would behave any differently?

No, there’s no reason, but I just thought that you didn’t use a rule to allow incoming traffic for the Remote Desktop-application.
But now, if you set up the rules, and attempt to start Remote Desktop, is there anything getting blocked in the Firewall Events?


I’ll have to take a look at the log tonight when i get home, can you point me to where the log is? i was looking around briefly to try to find a block incoming entry to yesterday’s failed attempt and couldn’t find it

Firewall/View Firewall Events/More.