strange attack through tcp 1080


Im using V3.0.17.304 , ADSL user
and I have block all ip in global rule

as the comodo’s log written
I never notice those 2 IPs until today.
they’r trying connection into my tcp 1080 these days ,and comodo blocked them.

My fear is, those target app were Windows Operating System
but yesterday their target changed to IE
and today, the target become my game (it’s server uses 80port)

If I have block all ip in global rule.
how could they know what apps Im using?

When hosting a gaming server (i did this one year for SWAT4 with Sunbelt,Outpost4,Comodo3 ,etc)its better to block with global rule TCP inbound in the global rules and on the aplication level.The TCP inbound is only needed when you alow your friends to remotelly control the server tru a webadmin utility.
So make an explicit rule to block Inbound TCP and for the games.
You just only need TCP outbound and UDP in/out(send and receive datagrams).
When someone tryes to conect to your computer keep in mind that on your computer may be a trojan horse that “calls” home.Do a KAV,BitDefender,Trend Micro online scan or/and SPY bot Search& Distroy scan.

thanks a lot ,Sm3K3R
I have KAV7 in my computer. It’s clean.

But If my comodo have “block all ip” in global rule.
how could they know what apps Im using?