Strange alert before restarting to update

So I usually wait to restart my computer to update software because I generally have stuff to do. A few hours after the update, I got an alert that a file was trying to perform a “Restricted Action” (I think that was the term), and it said it couldn’t give any advice for what action to take.
Naturally, I blocked and terminated it because I had no idea what it was, and had never seen it before. After doing this, I found several things were being blocked such as Skype and Steam, so I’m unsure if the fire was dangerous or not.
I can’t remember what the full name was, but it was something along the lines of “mchmixcache”. The actions performed by Skype, Steam and other programs don’t seem to be getting blocked anymore now that I’ve restarted to finish the update.
Can anyone inform me about what this file was, and why it randomly appeared?

EDIT: After looking through past alerts, I found the file. This is really confusing to me, as it doesn’t even list a proper flag.