Strange additions to Trusted Vendors after updating

I got the notification that updates were available and let them happen, but, at the bottom of my Trusted vendors list there are now a bunch of lines of just squares. No names of vendors, just squares in varying numbers followed by Comodo under the heading of added by. What is this about?

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Chinese. :slight_smile:

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Is that what they are and since I do not have the Chinese language pack installed, they show as squares?

Yes, seems you don’t have any typeface with Chinese characters.

I guess you see lots of squares here: 汉语 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 :wink:

I also see squares, as I posted here:

I definitely don’t see squares on the page JoWa linked. (Screenshot)

However, this brings up a point I’ve been uncomfortable with for a long time. How can I trust a product that is in a language I can’t even read? I have no idea what it is/does, yet it’s cool to run on my system? 88)

Comodo really needs to add functionality to the trusted vendor list that lets the user decide who they want added… >:(

Edit: typo…

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Yes I do, nothing but squares and some guy’s face. I think I’ll just remove those entries.

Won’t entries you remove just get added back now that the list is more or less automatic? I just got tired of messing with it and leave it alone now. :-\

Something odd though, noticing there were only 5 entries in Chinese on JoWa’s list, and my earlier screenshot and yours show 12 blocky entries, I just looked again and now I only have 5. ???

What’s up with that? They just got added and they’ve already been yanked from the list? Doesn’t really inspire confidence in their addition to the list in the first place…

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Yeah I only have 5 now as well.

Unless I’m reading the help file wrong it says that you can’t remove Comodo defined trusted vendors, but I can remove them. I guess everyone else can as well?

Yes, you can remove them. But my question is, will they come back at some point?

Mine haven’t yet but I guess they probably will after another product update. It would be nice to think if you manually remove them they will stay removed. I still think the help file is worded wrong.

Yes, I’m sure they will after a product update because it’s always done that. :frowning:

I just don’t know if the cloud at some point is going to say, hey, you’re missing these… I’ll put them back for you…

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