Store the results of CAV scan immediately and simultaneusly

I would like to present two common scenarios where in the lack of “Scan History” in CAV really hurts a lot.

Suppose we run a full scan or a manual scan on large set of files and some where in the middle just showing 100 infections out of 1000000 scanned after 5 hrs of time

  1. for some reason if the scan fails (may be a system hang or reboot) (or)

  2. for some reason we just wanted to close the box and decide to take a decision later after some time (may be we do not exactly know what to do, we want to take a suggestion and then act accordingly).

it is not possible…
we are completely lost.

We have to scan again for 5 hrs more to know what those 100 samples are since there is no log saved and no history provided.

Please provide the ability to store scan results simultaneously and the ability to take decision of whether to “clean” or “ignore” later after a while without having to do this all again.


I will move this to Wishlist - CIS board.