store apps fail on first run, (or more), after CIS install. Reboot is only fix.

Only one day after reinstalling Comodo Internet Security from a freshly downloaded installer, this problem has resurfaced again on the same PC, even with Metro Apps all added to exclusions. biggest problem apps so far are Store, and Mail, even after a few restarts.

Edit: Seems to be intermittent at this point. I’ll keep an eye on it, and report if it becomes a big problem like before.

What version are you using now? The newest is

CIS hasn’t provided a way to update to the version you’ve shown

Yes it hasn’t been released to the internal updater yet but you can force to the update by downloading the installer from the release topic. In particular download the offline installer.

the offline installer doesn’t include all the components that come with CIS, which forces me to use the online installer, because I want the whole package. If they included them all, I’d use it every time, because I dislike installers that require internet to work.

The returning issue I pointed out may have been a one-off, and hasn’t happened since. If it remains that way, I won’t bother with a reinstall, but when the update gets pushed to the update client, I’ll update the app.