I have picked up a trojan with the name above. Nothing seems to find it or remove it. I have two icons on my desktop that I cannot delete. One is “help and support center” and looks like a microsoft icon, the other is microsoft update again looks like a microsoft icon. If I delete them they return, a function of this malware is that I keep getting what look like official errors. I have looked on line and any fixes do not work help please


You do not mention what you have tried to fix this - have you tried what is recommended in these:

Also, I think it possible that Superantispyware may be able to detect and remove this nasty:


I have tried to run
and it finds it, of course to remove it I have to pay 30Euros.
I have tried to go through the various file deletions, but many files listed I cannot find, even though I have searched hidden files as well.
I am sure all of the malware removal programs are supplied by companies who deliberately propogate these trojans.
Any more suggestions that will not cost me money?? (:AGY)

Did you try Superantispyware yet?



Rogue Remover is said to delete this malware:

You might also try RootkitRevealer to check for rootkits:

Also, I’m not sure, but maybe BOClean detects is?

Else, you should try SUPERAntiSpyware, or download a trial of NOD32 or Kaspersky antivirus.

If it doesn’t help, could you please download HijackThis and post a log here?


Hello, SuperAntispyware free edition appears to have succesfully removed this thing from my machine (took about 30 mins). V. Easy, download the software, install it, ignore window’s (or maybe the virus’) unhelpful comments concerning the installation - run the bastard, and there you go.

Personally have no problem with invisible malware that attacks big corporations, as long as it doesn’t eat up too much memory or processing power - but these annoying popup things, frankly…

I have the same problem…I at first didn’t know what was wrong with my computer, but then I noticed those stupid desktop icons that won’t leave.

I tried Rogue Remover but it said I didn’t have anything on my computer. I’m trying VundoFix right now, so we’ll see how that goes. But so far I’m not having much luck. I’ve tried like 5 different programs, and none of them have actually removed the bug. The pop ups have stopped for the moment, but it could be my nice firefox popup/ad blocker…

Downloaded SuperAntiSpyware Removal, and it hasn’t worked. Every time I reboot, I still get lag and pop ups…

Any other suggestions?