Storage usage full?

Can someone tell me why my storage usage is up to 94% and I only have a few saved sent/received faxes showing. I deleted almost everything and the storage capacity did not change at all.


Look in your filing cabinet in the folder called email link files. This folder contains files that you have stored when you sent a file by trustfax email. You can delete any file in this folder but the receiptient will not be able to access the document through the trustfax email anymore.

Trustfax email allows you to securely send a document in an email not as an attachment but as a link. The link takes the receiptient to the file through a secure web page. The file is actually stored in your trustfax filing cabinet in a folder called email link files. The receiptient can view, print and download the document.
Documents sent by trustfax email will email you a return receipt when the recieptient opens the link as a confirmation of the delivery. Trustfax email does not use your fax pages to deliver documents.