Storage = 0Gb

I have just signed up with online storage - 250Gb at $49.99 for 12 months. But when I log in the storage shows 0Gb of 0Gb, click to upgrade! I was sent a Service Password (10 random digits) but this doesn’t work “wrong username or password” comes up. But I can log in with the same password as for the account management (that’s when I get 0Gb of 0Gb). It means I can back nothing up at all. Searched and googled but nothing. Can anyone help or know what has gone wrong? I’ve tried the support contact but nothing yet. I really need to get my PC backed up urgently.

Sorry I cannot help you please try here


Register an account at and submit a ticket.



Please post a screenshot with the issue.
If you are using Comodo BackUp please let us know which version.