I have a program called Folder Lock that I unfortunately purchased before trying it out properly. No product has given me more trouble with Comodo than this one and I would be very grateful if someone can suggest a solution.

When I open Folder Lock it immediately tries to connect to the internet via any other program such as a clock which has permission. When Comodo advises me of this and I deny connection it switches to another program and so on. The worst is that every time I open my Thunderbird mail or my Opera browser programs it tries to connect via them as well and when denied Opera and Thunderbird are also blocked from connecting to the internet. How can I stop this pest of a program. I contacted Folder Lock and they deny that their program connects to the internet.

Can you give us the programs website URL so we can look into it?

Ewen :slight_smile:

There site is: Folder Lock - File Lock and Encryption Software - Free Download

I forgot to mention that I use the Folder Lock program to protect data on a USB flash drive. To instal it on the USB you have to instal it to your computer first and then transfer it to the USB. Folder Lock will behave in the same way whether you open it on your computer or on the USB flash drive.

It is also important to note that even after I close the Folder Lock program and removing the USB flash drive that it will still keep trying to connect to the internet via every other program … completely preventing Thunderbird or Opera connecting. The only way out of this is to re-boot.