Stopped working after update

Thanks for the reply

Would that offline installer be ? I need to be sure before I starting more data about :slight_smile:

And sorry, where are the instruction to set up? I am going down paths of confusion.

Has this all changed recently? I have never had this trouble before.

BTW there must have been a partial install. My PC could not connect to the router when I booted up this morning. Other devices in the home were fine. Immediately I uninstalled Comodo the PC immediately connected.


PPS: I did run a clean install a day or so ago. It must to be this install method, I think

BTW AFAIK there had been no update except virus signatures when CIS refused to load up.

The Offline Installer is this one:

and the Win 7 instructions:

Only for Windows 7 users
Before you install new CIS release or update from previous version you need to install following Windows updates. These packages are necessary for installation of CIS on Windows 7.

Things have changed due ti the ‘age’ of Windows 7 and the changes being made with the Microsoft Windows Operating System, which means other Software also has to change I’m afraid

Please use the search this has been covered many times already, you need to have all windows updates installed for CIS to work properly. Why use an discontinued OS without even having all the recommended updates installed?

OK thanks for that. I will take it into consideration.

Thanks for that info. Seriously.

I take your point. With trepidation I will update Win 7. I am so worried because I see many pages of people thrashing about just because of updating Win 7. But yes it sounds like I have no choice.


Ploget I bow to your knowledge and to your patience. It worked, with all the updates and the Comodo Only installer.

How a worm like me gets to be a Comodo Hero eludes me…you are the hero!

I am an old guy who has backed away from the “excitement” of tech. This all popped up on me very suddenly, when AFAIK I did nothing.

Thank you…never enough. I was going spare about this. I had to stop for two days, as I woke up with heart palpitations after a week or more of frustration and stress.


I guess I need to add that my thanks is not just for me, but that I have sen your posts all over the place. Always helpful.

Glad everything worker for you. When things happen like that, just take them slowly a step at a time and ask if you need any help :-TU

Hello Guys!
Im new here, and im facing a problem instaling CIS on Windows 7 64 bit.
CIS is saying there need to be installed a driver , and certificates on the system is installs and after that looks all fine but i see an information : Comodo Security Agen canot be started,…


Before installing CIS on WIndows 7 you have to (must) install at least two Windows updates otherwise CIS won’t install or not run correctly on Windows 7. The best is to have all MS Windows 7 updates installed.

Please read the first post in this thread for more information about installing the required Windows 7 updates and where to get them:

at least You are awesome ;DD

but now i get an error updating : cant get URL data… after update…

What error are you referring too exactly?
Please attach a screenshot of the error you get on the screen.
Also attach a screenshot of the CIS window itself to see if it is running correctly.

here are the pics…

CIS is running fine, nothing to worry about.
The update error comes and goes. If you try again at a later moment the error may be gone (if not then try again later, it is a known issue).

Perfect , super fast help , Thank You!