Stoped Task Manager!!!!!!!!!!

i hawe big problem .When hit Ctrl+Alt+Del cant open Task Manager. Is this cause by malware ?
I send scan log of Hijack This. Sory for bad english.


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I have never used it, but I think you can try the below given application as it is from Softpedia.

when all goes wrong and if u have to react fast you need the sys internals suite.
it’s now Microsoft propriety and you have a lot of little tools like another type of taskmgr, named process explorer, it’s more complete than taskmgr and is very usefull when your registry was modified and u need to kill process as fast as possible. there’s also autoruns that creates a complete listing of all your dlls, your drivers, your services, what’s startup and you’re able to stop something from start on reboot or delete anything u find suspect or when u just want to look at all files that got a link with the system. a very good tool. you have also a tool named TCPview that lists all the connexions running on your machine, listening ones, established, killed, with all IPs and ports and service name for some known ports.
u can just dl only some tools or the full sys internal suite.
there’s another program not bad named System Explorer, it’s also to check lot of parts of your system and get infos about any files, there’s a taskmgr but a version way better with lot of options, there’s also a module named tools where u can check in real time all process that run as long as your system runs. u have infos about what the process are doing, etc, very good prog. or u have comodo Defense+ that protects the registry and allow no changes :wink:

I think that was four months old post!

It’s advisable to have an alternative to Task Manager on hand, just in case.

Merijn’s Itty Bitty Process Manager is a good, standalone alternative.

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Super Antispwyare can re-enable task manager among other things for you under Preferences → Repairs.