Stop trying to install things that I didn't asked for!

So today ISE tried to sneak in again into one of my machines where only the Firewall is installed, I only noticed it because of my UAC settings. This time it’s version 1.2.421501.88 (1.2.28285.88, D019FFDE7D25BEA7278635ADE4E959E3), which isn’t even documented anywhere as far as I can tell, last time I was at least able to find a release announcement using the hash of the installer.

Sorry for being snarky, but you’re providing security applications, don’t you? Silently installing software, especially when the configuration explicitly disallows that, is pretty much the opposite of what such software should do.

It’s really time for an update that removes this functionality, you’re selling trust, and once that is lost, you don’t have anything else to offer!

What should that quote tell me? That I should install ISE, then uninstall it, and then I won’t get these unsolicited update attempts anymore? The grammar makes it hard to understand what he’s trying to say there (no offense, I just don’t get it).

If that works, fine, that’s a workaround, nonetheless my point still stands, something like that shouldn’t happen in the first place, but when it does, then it should be fixed immediately with a proper, regular update. Again, COMODO is selling trust, and that isn’t trustworthy at all.

Yup. That’s what he is saying.
(rephrased: If you uninstall ISE, it will not be installed automatically next time.)

Actually, umesh’s statement is the other way around.
He answered a user who was complaining because he uninstalled CISE and then CISE won’t install again.

tfs is saying that CISE should not be installed unless the user deliberately allows CISE to install. And I fully agree with this, especially since CISE has caused several problems in the past (at first it wasn’t digitally signed by Microsoft, then it gave many false warnings and so on)

Hi Guys,
If CISE was fully integrated it would have been regarded as just another component.
It is planned to be optional in the future.
It is not included with the current CIS, unless this has changed from earlier today.

Kind regards.

And until that unknown point in the future, people have to live with software being silently installed without their consent, by a software which in turn is supposed to prevent such behavior? I mean, what can I expect to be silently installed next?

See, I don’t want to step on anyones toes, and I know that you’re only trying to help, but this is an issue that should be taken way more serious - it’s simply a matter of principle, if I can’t trust the software with this, then I can’t really trust it with anything.

We understand the concern.
We are considering to make it an optional component.

I have no probs with ise except after its installation it in its mighty brilliance didn’t trust chrome portable and everytime I started chrome portable ise asked if it was allowed to run and access to net