Stop program calling another

How do you stop a program calling another program? Can a rule be made for this and is it necessary to have HIPS enabled to enforce the rule?

Comodo 7.0.317799.4142 FW only
Win 7 64 bit

It depends. Please provide more details: a trusted application which executes another trusted application? does it start the same application (file hash/location/name does not change)? etc.

No particular program. General as to how to stop programs phoning home. If the program is not trusted is it allowed call another? Some use browser or svhost to piggyback on even if blocked in firewall

If it uses a dll injection is the dll in the folder of the program i want to block

A legitimate application will not use such techniques, I guess. You could use a higher alert frequency level + custom ruleset mode. In general, you are alerted for non-trusted apps if user opts-in for popup alerts.
Regarding DLL injection, it is not really related to firewall component. You need to use HIPS.
By the way, your wording is a bit confusing (eg “call another program” when discussing firewall).

Just because you do not know the answer does not mean my wording is confusing. if you do not know what one program calling another means i don’t know why you are here. DLL inject is sometimes used to bypass firewall so is related to firewall

The question is can the firewall stop one program calling another with a rule

If the DLL or whatever is loaded by :
a) application where firewall rule is assigned (eg allowed application) = No.
b) application where firewall rule is not assigned = Yes.

** assumptions:
(1) Firewall: Custom Ruleset mode
(2) Auto-Containment: Disabled
(3) HIPS: Disabled

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