Stop flagging often updated files

How can I stop D+ or the Sandbox (Just upgraded from 3.14 today, so I’m not sure which is responsible because I’m not familiar with how they work together) from grabbing each new compilation of a .jar file?

I have a .jar that I compile daily and sometimes multiple times during the day. CIS wants to keep adding each new compilation to my unrecognized files list when I run it.

The filename is always the same and I’ve put it on both the AV exclusions list (even tried a wildcard on the filename) and my trusted files list, but it keeps getting flagged with each new compilation. I guess it’s nice that it’s diligent in checking the file because it’s changed, but since I’m compiling it myself, I trust it completely and would like CIS to ignore the recompiled versions.

Any ideas? I never had any trouble with Version 3.14.

Edit: And yes, I’ve tried clicking the link in the popup to stop sandboxing it (Can’t remember the exact wording in the popup…) and all that does is put the latest compiled version in my trusted files list. I don’t think filling up my trusted files list with multiple instances of the same filename and wasting my (and Comodo’s) bandwidth by continually sending every compilation is very elegant. Hopefully someone has a solution. O0

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Did you try adding the entire folder instead of the file to the exceptions list?

Try giving it the Trusted Application policy in Computer Security Policy.

Yes. As near as I can tell, the exclusions list has absolutely no bearing on what the sandbox grabs…

Setting it to Trusted Application just automatically sandboxes the newly compiled file without asking me about it. ??? However, setting it to installer/updater status seems to make the sandbox leave it alone. :-\

It seems there are still some usability tweaks needed in regards to sandbox operation.

With v5 files get identified by their hash codes instead of by their paths.

I think you are s*** out of luck here. Sounds like something for the wish list.

OK, I added it to the Wishlist.

Sandbox should accommodate constantly changing applications/files

I have the same problem with nightly builds of Thunderbird and Firefox :frowning:

From time to time I rename the program folders and do a purge to delete all entries to the nightly builds.

For the moment the solution is to make the prog an installer/updater in D+ rules, it seems. Remove it from trusted files first. If that does not work run it through a program you make an installer/updater - eg an explorer alternative which you reserve only for that purpose.

The latter will fix it for certain I think, but you must not use the explorer alternative, or any program you make an installer/updater to open any unknown files afterwards. You should not make internet facing apps installer-updaters.

Best wishes