Stop creating desktop shortcuts after each program update

When any Comodo product I have installed updates (including Dragon, Geekbuddy, etc.), it places a shortcut on my desktop. I delete them, but they come back eventually. I have no interest in playing whack-a-mole, and aside from being undesirable with regard to my own desktop preferences, in the bigger picture this an intrusive behavior that’s unbecoming of a security company.

Well so far every security program that I’ve tested does this after every update.
I support your wish, but I’m sure this one will never be implemented.

Honestly, I haven’t seen CIS do this, but I completely support this.

Yep and since I use desktop icons extensively, I don’t see a problem :smiley:

I get annoyed when a program doesn’t create a desktop icon.

:smiley: yes that’s true. I don’t have any icons on mine ;D I use RocketDock for more than 4 years, and I don’t miss them for that matter :wink: