Stop Comodo from starting

I’ve tried to roll back my Windows 7 to a previous restore point and it fails, saying that a file could not be accessed (doesn’t say which file) and suggesting that perhaps my AV (Comodo) might be denying access… and to disable it during restart.

Well, I turned it off in msconfig.
Switched to “manual” start in services starting with “Comodo” (2 or 3 of of those apps)
But Comodo still starts on Windows bootup.

WTF do I have to do?
Uninstall it and send it to Hell?

Hi Destry,
Try using system restore in Windows safe mode.
How to Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode- Windows Seven Forums

Kind regards.

Hello Cap’n
Good suggestion.
Thank you

I temporarily solved another problem by fooling around with some re-installing so I’ve got my fingers crossed. If it fails again, I’ll follow your advice. I won’t do it right away because it will involve another reinstall of another app and then it might not work.

I’ll be reading everything at your link and keeping the method close to my heart (beating erratically)