stop comodo from command line

Hi Guys:

I have the latest comodo installed, and it’s GREAT… actually a little TOO great for it even stops the “unstoppable” “firewall bypassing” software I am working with.

Thankfully the software at least still accepts command shell replays, which means I can give it commands to run as system.

Now… can SOMEONE please tell me how to kill comodo via commandline so I can shut it down when I need to?? i.e. I need to RDP, but it won’t let it b/c I’m coming from a weird IP?!

I tried:

net stop cmdagent
taskkill /F /IM cpf.exe /T

this didn’t do @#$%

TIA for replies!


I get that… but I’m not “hacking” myself. I want to legitimately turn off this service/program for legitimate reasons!

Anyone? Help?

Are we allowed to “bump” ? If not, please accept my apologies… If so, please consider this as one…

Addtl. I was suggested to just write an AutiIT script that mimics mouse movements to shut it down via GUI. I CAN, but would rahter not…

Any help? Please? Kind’a urgent at this point! :confused:


There is no way to terminate CPF without explicitly interacting with the GUI. Simulations will not work neither. So AutiIT wont be able to stop CPF.

If you describe why you need to close it from command line, perhabs we can help you to find another way.


Hi Egemen:

Turkmusunuz? If not, moving on… I need to turn it off, b/c it is interefering with our 3rd party MSP product’s Remote Ctrl capabilities.

The product on-the-fly copies an exe file with a random name (################.exe where # can be any number) and executes it making it listen on a random port of it’s choice to Then the 2ndary piece routes the socket connection it recieves by acting as a mitm to

comodo won’t let the random name and random port piece function. Furthermore I can’t write a rule to cover it either.

So the only option is to disable the f/w at the time of connection then have it reenable the f/w on exit. This can be done with the 3rd and final piece that is registered as SYSTEM and takes commands by connecting OUT.

Now if you guys don’t /can’t help me, Im gonna have to uninstall comodo, remote connect, reinstall comodo each time :confused:


Evet Turkum.
I see. Random name creation is affecting everything. I am afraid there is no practical solution for this problem. Terminating CPF processes will not help either.

Good luck,

Merhaba Egemen:

I sent you a PM, please respond at your earliest convenience.



I can’t completely understand everything above - would any of it help me kill the GUI so that when I switch users in Windows 2000 Server another user would be able to use it?

Currently after the first user (an admin) logs off - the cpf.exe process (running as them) does not stop even when I am logged in as that person and I try to stop that process via task manager, I can’t get it to stop ( I get access denied)

Since the process can’t be stopped, other users are not able to use the GUI even if that first use who originally used it has logged out.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated