Stop Comodo from closing after an update

Last two times there’s been an update, and a window has come up saying a system restart is needed and whether I would like to do it now. When I clicked no, Comodo closed. Considering that the first time I did this I had no idea it closed and was online for quite some time until I noticed Comodo had gone from the taskbar, this is an issue.

Can this be stopped, or at least the warning changed so that it says Comodo will now close?

What do you mean with closed? As long as cmdagent.exe is still running there is no risc.

Edit: I just checked by booting to my XP partition which still needed to update from 1354 to 1355. Indeed cfp.exe is not running but cmdagent.exe is. You are still protected.

I will move this to Wishlist - CIS board.

Good to know. A little extra info would help anyway; before I was told otherwise, I used to believe right-clicking Comodo’s icon and clicking ‘exit’ closed the whole thing, not that it kept running and only closed the ‘GUI’.

Other firewall behave differently here. If I recall correctly Outpost 4 (back in the days I used Outpost) behaved like that.