stop cmdagent.exe phoning home

is it possible to stop cmdagent.exe using internet?

it seems someone made a post but i dont understand a thing
please tell in english what should i do to stop cmdagent from contacting home.

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May I ask if you know why cmdagent asks for internet connection? And now to answer your question: In order to stop all traffic press “Stop all traffic” CIS —> summary → firewall and then stop all traffic.

Valentin N

In the AV:

In Defense +

Hi Eric, thanks for info. Found this post with related issued on mind and found these settings.
So to sum up disabling all of them should stop comodo with any network traffic or not ?(or at least cmdagent.exe?)

If you want to stop the product making connections completely, edit the Application firewall rule for Comodo Internet Security, to block IP out.

Blocking CIS as Radaghast suggests will block CIS contacting Certificate Authorities to check digital signatures.

Edit: I may have answered too quickly here; I may have mixed up with a topic about Explorer connecting to CA’s. Please forget what I wrote in the above.

Thanks, Eric! I have wondered for years what that Comodo Internet Security rule did.