stop CIS from doing auto quarantines

I am using CIS 5.12 xx. It quarantines some good files which I need to run. How do I stop it from doing it automatically but prompt me for my response on any suspected files ?


Allways make settings for programs you are using.

I could tell you how to disable auto quarantine, but then you would miss maybe other settings which you like to have enabled/disabled.

Disabling auto quarantine is one of the most easiest steps. And it should be the first after installing an antivirus.

There are some tutorial video files which have an executable. When even I extract the files, the exe will get quarantined and I wont be able to play the video. How do I stop CIS from doing that ?

Its in teh antivirus settings.

“Dont show alerts”, remove the auto quarantine in the scroll down. And remove the checkmark from “dont show” at all.

WHY is an exe in a help video? And WHY is it quarantined?
Be carefull.
Use a real sandbox to do such unknown things.

Yes, like clockwork says, EXE files should never be part of a help video, common video formats are .mpg, .avi, .wmv, etc…

EXE is executable for applications, if you downloaded something saying it’s a video and it is a .EXE file it is probably some sort of malware and you should use caution.

Where is version 5.12? On the official website, I have not seen 5.12?
I have the latest 5.10. And then released version 6. ???

5.12 is targeted for windows 8.

You can find older versions on filehippo. If you still get the actual version, make sure to load from the mirror (right side).

I would prefer to have an official location to load older versions.

Maybe wait until my suggestion gets approved by a moderator. I dont know filehippo that well.
Keep a scanner installed to scan that comodo installer as precaution.

It is very easy to stop the auto quarantining. Just untick “Do not show alerts” and you’re good to go.

I watch all releases. And it is not never seen a 5.12 separately for windows 8. Only 6 version includes windows 8. A different assembly should not swing. See all versions of the product, and you will not see it 5.12
I wonder who did release 5.12 ???

V5.12 shows on one lot of release notes, but not the other. :-
Release Notes
Release Notes

That’s it. The second is not. I do not know the link to the first. The official website of only two. And there is no 5.12 ??? ;D And how to get on the first link from the official site? I do not know. ??? On the Russian site comodo also a many unlike the official. ;D

Hi jenny66,
I am not sure the first link can be found on the official product page.
For memory I think I stumbled across it Google searching for something one day.

Hi! Captainsticks.
Well in google a lot of things. But I trust only official website.
Do not misunderstand. Thanks for the links. Good luck to you. :-TU

It would be good to make Comodo archive. :-TU Sometimes you need a different version and it’s gone. Well it is thought. :a0

Hi jenny66,
Agreed keep the previous versions available direct from Comodo. :-TU
IMO this is required for all of Comodo products, I have created a wish here.

Hi jenny66,
The release notes in the first link of reply 10 is where you are taken during the update process.
Example in screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Capitainsticks!
Thank you. But I’m not going to go to v 6. A lot of people have questions on version 6. By the way. Why have changed the whole appearance of the product? On the old everything was clear and simple. And with the new until all sorted out … I think many will not go far. If that is not updated automatically. Wait.