Stop CIS AV from quarantining files

Can some one please tell my how the hell to stop CIS AV from quarantining all the non-virus files that it keeps trashing? Doesn’t this software support an ignore or exclude list? Every time I try to copy files, or do a backup, the ■■■■ thing moves files and I have no idea what has been copied and what hasn’t. I go to quarantined items and do “restore” but it just immediately quarantines again. What’s the point of having a restore feature if CIS quarantines the files again as soon as you open the folder they are in. It doesn’t help to exit from CIS, the files still get quarantined. Do I have to uninstall this software every time I want to do a backup?

It this software just stupid or do I not know where to look?


do you have this option enabled? if so try disabling it.

Also if you believe the files that are being detected are false positives you can report them. How to report false positives

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I don’t really want to disable the feature, just tell CIS the files that I already know are not a problem. If there was a way to do it, I could disable while I am running a backup, but there really should be an ignore list to add files to, otherwise this is going to keep on happening.

I will try submitting some of the files, but how am I supposed to keep regular backups in the mean time? I submitted one of the files and the message that it returned was “already submitted”. What exactly does that mean?

Under “Scanner Settings”, I unchecked the checkbox for “do not show av alerts”. I hope that means that instead of an automatic quarantine, I will get an option about what to do.


if you are submitting false positives it is best to do it here on the forums on through the website. the link i provided tells how to do both.

as for an exclusions yes go to the defense + tab then click trusted files and add anything there that you want excluded.

Yes unchecking the option i described will give you an alert about what to do when a virus is found instead of automatically quarantining them.

hope this helps.

Is there something wrong with the submit function in the application? I will look at how to submit the files elsewhere. These are all my own applications, they just have standard commercial copy protection applied to the final binary executable.

I was expecting that to be on the AV tab. I wasn’t thinking of a trusted file in the smart defense sense. I actually don’t want to make everything a trusted file, since that means granting internet access, etc. I would prefer to just have the AV scanner leave it alone, but not give it free run. There are generally only about 6 programs that I allow to access the internet at all. I guess I need to work on some custom rules.

I palyed around with this some and getting a popup like this is more what I had in mind. I assume that when you select, “send as a false positive” the file automatically gets marked as trusted?


There is an exclusion for the AV under the AV settings. The last tab on the right should allow you to exclude files and complete folders.