Stop Certain Unrecognized Files?

I’m a software developer and I compile hundreds of times per day. With every compile, a new unrecognized file is flagged. I have tried various methods to exclude directories, etc… but of course the compiled files hash is always changing with each compile.

Which brings me to this question:

Can I exclude a directory ‘structure’? From everything; AV, Sandbox, HIPS, Viruscope, Website Filtering, Firewall?


You can create your own file group and use that group for rules of each component. File Groups, Defense Security Service, Internet Protection|Comodo Internet Security

I have tried that, problem is that I have 800 folders. If only there were away add a folder and make it recursive. (all subfiles and subfolders)

On that note, I throw in this question: I see some groups have a pipe on the end. What is that for?



When you add a folder it automatically ends the path with the wildcard character so that everything in the folder and sub-folder(s) is part of that file group. Also if each folder you want to add has a common path you can manually edit the path and change it. e.g. using the attached picture of my file group I can edit it to something like /Projects.

The pipe is used to block file writes for sandbox applications that are sandboxed as partially limited or limited. So e.g. %windir%*| prevents sandbox applications that are not run fully virtualized from creating/modifying files in the windows directory.

Thanks for all the information. Including the pipe.

Creating the group with my different directories is not doing anything for me. Not that I am being blocked from launching my newly created exe’s from within my dev gui. But that every time I compile, I get a new line in the File Rating → File List … which at some-point needs to be addressed.

So, yeah, it would be nice, if there was a feature to completely ignore sections of your computer from any and all “Comodo-monitoring”. At some point I will probably end up turning off ‘everything’ except for Anti-virus & Firewall. As that is really all that I need. But, I do enjoy these other options, as I can see they can be quite powerful and effective.

With that all said, let the devs know that they should add a refresh on the File List page when you click Purge. The HIPS → HIPS Rules page has a refresh after you process a Purge… just not on the File Rating → File List page.