STOAC017 STUES017 STAUC017 Errors On Access Scanner Disabled

I have three computers, all had Norton AV 2005. I uninstalled it on all three machines and put Comodo’s Antivirus and Firewall on all three. On one computer, all is fine, but on the other two, the antivirus on access scanner is disabled, and if you attempt to enable, you get an error STOAC017 (see attachment). If you attempt to disable the email scanner, you get the error STESC017 error (see attached), and finally, if you attempt to turn off the automatic updater, you get error STAUC017 (see attached).

I uninstalled and resinstalled about 10 times with no luck. Then I went into msconfig to do a clean boot, disabling all startup items (except for Comodo) and disabling all services (except for Microsoft). Same thing happened. While everythiing was disabled (services and startup), I uninstalled and reinstalled the Comodo Antivirus but the same errors appeared.

It works great on one computer, but not so on the other two. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (all updates installed).

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