Still unusable after two years

I tried Comodo FW two years ago and of all the firewalls I’ve used, it had the best features. But I use WindowBlinds, so I couldn’t see enough to actually use the firewall. I just tried to reevaluate it and find that nothing has changed. I would gladly become a paid subscriber if I could use the product, but apparently I’m unimportant to Comodo, unlike Avast!, which is fully skinned but doesn’t show me empty windows. It seems odd that they would neglect so many potential customers.

Hi cabito,

I do have a friend who also makes use of a screen reader, he uses Zoomtext. In my opinion Comodo may be a bit complicated for you to use as it may conflict with your screen reader. You should use a free AV like Avast which is totally automated and Windows firewall and you will be fine. You can add a hardware firewall if you want more protection without interference.

It had been put on the wish list that screen readers should be white listed but I don’t know whether it has been done till now. If you are willing to pay, try Norton Internet Security 2010, it takes all decisions by itself and so you will not experience any difficulties.

Just trying to help.


Hello smage,

Your comment doesn’t apply to me.

(1) Comodo FW is definitely not “too complicated” for me.
(2) I don’t want a product that makes decisions by itself.
(3) I don’t use a “screen reader”.

But thanks for trying.

Hi cabito. I’ve used Windows Blinds long long time ago with comodo FW 2 and remember I posted bug reports about these issues. I do also remember that I managed to use it. WB allows not to apply its effects to a certain app. Did you try it?

That issue was fixed a long time ago, from both vendors at that. → the workaround was discovered 3 years ago and the fix was made a few months later. So unless the GUI bug has re-awakened, I really don’t know because I don’t use WB anymore.

Hi sorry, I confused WindowsBlinds with Windows eyes.

Anyway hope you are able to resolve your issue so that you can enjoy Comodo.

Soyabeaner, thx for the link; I’m making some progress. Now I’m going to install v4 and if it’s not quite perfect, I’ll update WB.

Thanks for the heads-up!