Still not working on Comodo firewall setup with uTorrent and Bittorrent

Hi all,

After I installed Comodo 4, I did the firewall tutorial Utorrent with Comodo Internet security and the port forwarding. The uTorrent and BitTorrent programs still shows port not open and the download speed very slow 10kB/s and 1.5kB/s. I tried to remove the Comodo 4 and the download speed back to normal 280kB/s and 180kB/s. The two links as follow:

Port forwarding:

Tutorial Utorrent with Comodo Internet security:

My question is do I missing any steps that cause the port not open. I copy the (Physical address) MAC address under Wireless LAN adapter Wireless connection 2 in CMD command.

Beside the Port forwarding and Tutorial Utorrent, do I missing any steps to get the port open.

The versions of uTorrent is 2.0 and the Bittorrent is 6.4.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and I am very appreciate.

I only use uTorrent, so I can comment on that. Here is what I did.

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: ##### (single port = port defined in uTorrent [“Randomize port each startdisabled in uTorrent])

With this set, application popups should “train” the rest.

EDIT: Oh, and make sure this rule is above the “block and log” rule on the bottom or it will never be used.

Thanks for m0mgod quick response.

I changed the TCP or UDP Source port to Any. I also make sure the “randomize port each start” is disabled. The rule is above the “block and log” rule.

After the changing, uTorrent stills download in low speed. I performed the speed test still shown “port is not open”. I reboot the computer still acts as behavior. I am wondering do I need to disable the “automatic port mapping(Recommended)” or missing anything?

The bandwidth part testing is fine with green check mark. The network has a yellow check with asterisk. The following is the result detail:


Results:Port is not open (you are still able to download)
More info is in the FAQ and at

Current Port:(0:random) MY uTorrent PORT NUMBER Automatic Port mapping(Recommended)

Thanks in advance for the inputs and I am very appreciate.

Well… the other 1/2 of firewall config would be in application rules… for me, I set uTorrent to “Trusted Application” to allow all incoming and outgoing communication. I can see using a setting like “outgoing only” stopping you. If the global rule allows incoming, but the application rule does not, the net effect is “block incoming”.

With torrents (peer-to-peer), the tracker is going to send people to you for pieces of the file you have… these will be incoming connections. Most peer-to-peer networks throttle speeds if you are not uploading… and you can’t respond to upload requests if COMODO is blocking incoming connections (either application-wise, global/network, or both).

Thanks again m0mg0d.

I am wondering if you could direct me for the Trusted Application setting because i am new to Comodo setup.

Thanks again and I am very appreciate.

Firewall => Advanced => Network Security policy

The first tab is “Application Rules”… scroll down the list until you find your uTorrent EXE and take a look at the “Treat As” column… if it doesn’t say “Trusted” then…

  • highlight the EXE
  • Click Edit
  • make sure “use a predefined policy” is selected and choose “Trusted App” from the dropdown
  • Click Apply
  • click OK
  • relaunch uTorrent and test

An easy way to validate outbound firewall config is to use You can put in a list of TCP ports and the site will send traffic back and forth to its server on those ports, which will tell you whether the TCP path from your PC to the Internet is open or not. You can go directly to the site and enter the port range you’d like, or use the link below and the test will execute. The link below will test the common BitTorrent port 6969.


Thanks again on the help of m0ng0d.

I will post the application Rules result tomorrow.

Thanks again to m0ng0d and I am very appreciate.

Hi m0ng0d,

I follow your instruction and under the Application Rules, I only notice it has three applications. First, All Applications. Secondly, COMODO Internet Security and the third one is Windows Updater Applications. When I extend those three main categories, it all shows allow all outgoing requests and block and log all unmatching requests. The third one shows Allow TCP or UDP out from IP any to IP any where source Po…

I could not find other names such as uTorrent EXE

I am wondering if I need to add more changing before this steps.

Thanks again for the help and I am very appreciate.

Hi m0ng0d,

Finally I got the Application Rules setting under Network security policy. The uTorrent works faster upto 105kB/s, it is still not in full performance. After I uninstall the Comodo 4, the uTorrent with same torrents run upto 240kB/s.

Is there any setting under Comodo 4 I need to add to improve the speed under Comodo 4?

Thanks for the help and i am very appreciate.

Has the original “port not open” issue been resolved?

I’m not familiar with any setting in CFP that would limit speed. In all honesty, my uTorrent is still running behind CFP 3.14 (I’ve only installed CFP4 on one of my PC’s so far) so I don’t have any “4” experience with uTorrent yet to draw upon. The sandbox is a new feature in 4… that is something definitely different between it and 3.14.

Based on how you said your app rules looked, I’d say you are a “default” install… things I normally change from default are:

  • right-click the tray icon and change the “configuration” to Proactive (this will most likely cause some of the changes you’ve made already to be lost… but easy enough to redo)
  • right-click the tray icon and disable the sandbox (I need more time to learn its ins-and-outs first before I enable it)
  • I used to chnage my firewall to “custom mode”, but lately I’ve been leaving is set to the defaut “safe mode”
  • Run the stealth ports wizard
  • Then I add my custom rules (like enabling uTorrent ports)

Hi All,

After I read some comments on the Comodo 4 has many problems, I give up finally. When I switch to use Window firewall, my uTorrent and Bittorrent run in the full throttles. I tried to down grade to Comodo three which I don’t have any problems but fail. Comodo does not even carry any sources.

Window firewall works perfect on uTorrent and Bittorrent

windows firewall is useless. but i had the same problem and this is how i fixed it.
followed instructions above+
firewall > network security policy > global rules
pick add… and open the port as described above
make sure the rule is above the block rule
i now have incoming connections… YaY!

I’ve just tested my own advice after installing v4 on my PC with uTorrent… and the end result was good!

I throttle uTorrent up/down to 15KB/500KB, reduce the global max. con’s to 75, and peer connections per torrent to 15 so it never saturates my ■■■■■■ DSL internet connection. Even with these limits, I quickly shot up to over 400K like it has always been.


hello i’m also have a issue with the firewall and uTorrent, for this does it go under global?