Still no URL blocking? [RESOLVED]

I’ve bounced around all the CPF v3 settings and still cannot find where I can specify URLs of domains to which I want to block access. No, I’m NOT talking about IP address blocking. I’m talking about blocking on the URLs (IP names) specified in a DNS lookup request. Seems like CPF should be able to interrogate outbound DNS requests to port 53 on a remote host to see if the URL specified within matches one on a block list.

Instead I have to get something like IE7Pro to add to its ad-block list for the domains that I want to block, yet I really don’t want to go that way because IE7Pro isn’t that stable. Plus I’d like to block on domains for other apps, not just the web browser.

Hello! I hope this helps what your referring to.

Comodo - Firewall - My blocked Network Zones - Add- a new blocked address.

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Refer to this image

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