Still no silent installation?!

Hi there, im using Comodo allready since maybe one year … and all the time im waiting for a way to install it silently!

Just now i want to talk to someone which develops on it … please, for gods sake - tell me the install routine and let me myke my own install this way …

i really love this fw, but its maybe the last one which is missing silent switches.
well, for any reason there are no good install-watchers … so please - someone maybe got such a “list” which files are getting copied on installation and which registry-files will be set?

i do my way now, you are not able to do, so please help me, ill release a package then.



Why is this important to you?

For distribution within a managed environment…
I wonder if it would work with a snapshot packaging technology like Emcosoft’s RDK, or Symantec’s Ghost AutoInstaller or MS’s tool…

Cant you see that hundrets of ppl are requesting it allready?
The n/vlite boom has reached europe and since this time many many ppl modify their own os.

Well, i have no problems with other apps, not even antivirus or big apps as Office2007/CS2, but there is still no normaly way for comodo to do that.

i need a silent install, i dont like autoit, id simply dont works sometimes and its just a shortly solution, i want a real one!

Why you cant just use a normaly installer within the cpf? even as u use ur own, it should take only minutes to implement switches such as proconfiguration and silent, why you dont do that?

Comodo is a firewall for professional users which know what they do.

in fact i got about 25 applications in my prepared os DVD which will be installed silently after basic installation, i need all thoose apps at anytime and im reinstalling it very often, maybe once a week, so in a year comodo costs me 50*5 minutes = 4 hours a year - and just because i cant use silent parameters.

you should know that there are many user as me, just think about it … there are hundrets of requests, search for em, but start moving please.


If you’re reinstalling once a week - you’d save a ton of time with an Imaging solution like Acronis True Image …

im reinstalling mostly while changing hardware, im such as a tester of it and well - acronis cant input all drivers up2date and being ready for any configuration, its still not possible.

but i see, nothing will happen … as allways … fools how can you ignore hundrets of ppl and make em give up their idea on the best firewall for private use. its just unbelievable


I don’t suppose you’ve ever looked at Universal Restore + Sysprep for the basic setup? There are huge driver packs that would get that all installed during mini-setup, and UR can install some drivers during the imaging process.

I know, I’ve done it.

i had to edit it many times anyways if there are new sockets out, thats why i create an unattented, short install cd/dvd. i cant use such images, their still not the same as a fresh install, many ways to fail.


And calling them fools is really going to make them want to run out and do it straight away, isn’t it?

Please be civil, even if things aren’t going the way you’d want them to.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, that was the best Idea I had. I’m sorry you don’t like imaging, but you’re wrong about needing to edit it (aside from any updates to software you want to make). I can take an image and deploy it across 50+ different types of machines with sysprep + universal restore.

Anyway, an unattended install is probably ok except where you can’t get software to install silently. I honestly never bothered as it’s far easier for me to just set up Windows once the normal way and then make an image for deployment.

its not my point at all but ok

ill give up as any other did, not even other languages are available for it … the developer team may got killed while their plane was going down …

anyways … im very disappointed of them and yes, they’r fools at all, why the heck u got a forum for … waste of resourses.

no need to reply anymore


Thank God for that.

Well Actualy I did found a way to silent install the Firewall…

Once you start the installation, take a look in your %TEMP% folder
You will see a SCRIPT.INI file… it tells you which files are used, keep a copy of SCRIPT.INI to refer afterwards…

Finish the installation of the Firewall.

Then Check the SCRIPT.INI that you copied. and do a search for the files that it mentions, most of them are in the %ProgramFiles%\COMODO\FIREWALL folder, some are in %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS and

So just gather up all of those files, create a self extracting archive that replaces the files in the correct folders
and once its done you just need to run

If you look again at the SCRIPT.INI, you will see that it actualy runs CFPCONFG.EXE -i ,
But I found out that CFPCONFG.EXE contains many switches…
and -i = install and -s =silent -r = reboot, -u =uninstall
Theres plenty more sitches…

And also if you which to have the Icons in the desktop and the start Menu, just copy the .lnk and add it to the archive and uncompress them to the correct folders.

And If you also ant it to apper in the “Add/Remove” Program… you will need to get the Key from the Registry
and export it.

I’m also waiting for a way to install silently. But no, they don’t implement it. Instead they design their own user interface. Pretty useless if you ask me. It just makes troubles as we’ve seen in the past and the benefit? None at all. But maybe one day there will be another good firewall (for free) with a small footprint that supports silent installs - then its time to switch.

I’ve also asked for the possibility to judge the current protection level (i.e. e.g. disabled y/n) from the systray icon. But no, NO, the non standard skin is by far more important. furthermore, a crc check of the files would be most welcome. even good products have massive drawbacks as it seems.

a disappointed user


If this feature that you want isn’t added to the Wishlist, pls add it. The lead Developer of CFP 3 & Comodo’s CEO/Founder checks the Forum daily.


in this day and age, an unattended installation method is more or less a requirement for any software that is released. multiple people have requested that this feature be introduced into comodo firewall. what I fail to understand is why the development team is finding this so difficult to implement ? i had previously suggested dumping the installation mechanism currently in use and switching over to inno setup or and MSI based method. what are you people waiting for?

I also don’t understand why they decided to use their own installer. Using some of the existing installers would lower the probability of installation/uninstallation problems and lower probability of antivirus false positives on installer (PECompact compressed executable with executables in resource section ~= trojan dropper). Most preferable would be a MSI installer as there are some (mostly government and educational) institutions and companies, that wont allow installation of any software unless it uses MSI installer.

i bet they tried other products but nothing else sucked as bad as their own installation mechanism so they couldn’t use 'em (:TNG)

I guess I missed your 11 May reply but I am very interested in the ‘plenty more switches’ you talk about for CFPCONFG.EXE.
The -s switch works if the DLed filed is first extracted (discovered this on MSFN forum) but the SafeSurf feature is not installed. I’m hoping there is a switch which allows this.
Thanks much.
Enjoy, John.

yup -s works now - finally although obviously as you mentioned, not entirely satisfactorily! i now have an nlite compatible addon available on the msfn forums using the -s switch. i’m sure if the developers worked a little bit harder they could provide full silent install functionality one way or the other. by the way, that the -s now works wasn’t mentioned in any of the changelogs. i was informed by a friend on msfn that it now works