Still no pictures and buttons in latest CD

I had mentioned this bug way back and still in the latest released version it’s there. When does this bug get solved? I mean, how can we use this browser when we can’t see what to click or where to click on?;msg344713#msg344713

Windows 7 32bit
On every new install the same bug
CIS 4.x

I can’t reproduce this bug on any system of mine. ( XP(32), Vista(32 and 64), 7(32 and 64) ). I’m using CD The only time I remotely get this error is when I my connection to the internet is jacked up and it happens regardless of browser type or version.

Well you have seen my screen dumps, I only have this with CD.

And here a URL to a video of the problem - YouTube

I found your problem. It’s not a problem with CD or any browser for that matter. It is a language problem with your Profile on the Comodo Forums. You have your language set as Dutch (I didn’t notice any Dutch in regards to the Forums). If you set your Language as the bottom most “English” in your Forum Preferences (Profile → Account Related Settings → Language.) the issue will go away.

I’ll speak to the Forum Admins in regards to the Dutch Language aspect of these boards.

YES! ;D thats it, thanks for the tip.