still need another security tool?

using cis 5.4–the latest-- do I still need to use geswal as a supplement? Thank you


Hi Ereal. I agree with Wasgij6 no. Some explaination here might help you decide what is best for you. Kind regards.

there is no need for anything else. comodo will protect you and if your still paranoid just crank up the settings for cis

Along with CIS, I’m using ClearCloud DNS cause it blocks more malicious URLs than SecureDNS.

CIS seems pretty impregnable, but of course nothing is 100%
I still run my browser inside SandboxIE because at the end of the day I just delete the sandbox and it dumps all the junk that would otherwise end up clogging the HD.

CIS did let something annoying slip thru - a “safe” toolbar - but it was deleted along with the sandbox.

For the past month I’ve been running hundreds of malware at CIS/Sandboxie and nothing has ended up on my (virtual) HD.

If you run proactive security w/ AV and harden SVCHost, gobal rules to block bad ICMP, and disallow any executable or archive file into Content_IE you’re pretty bullet proof.

I also use HOST file found you’ll prevent the browser from goin gto many malware sites.

I also use Spybot v1.62 for its immunize function (do not run SpyBot real-time protection w/CIS). It adds additional sites to HOST file AND puts those entries into the browser restricted zone. It also blocks cookies from bad sites.

I update Spybot defs and re-immunize whenever there’s a new HOST available (about every 4 to 6 weeks).

The only other thing I use is Windows Defender.