Still has probs with Processgaurd & net slowdown


I tried out the new version of Comodo ( yesterday, was runnin ok, then i had to convert a video overnight so i unplugged my net connection, shutdown Comodo & Spysweeper & ran my convertin app.

Today when i wake up & plug in the net cable & reboot the PC, i get the same error message from Processguard that i posted about in the Bad News Comodo slows down PC & net, the error was cant load mutex 2, i then got another error from PG sayin that PGAccount.exe wasnt runnin & wouldnt protect me from execution attempts.

Aslo there is till some slowdown in loading pages with it mostly takin time to load all the images or stickin on the last image loaded.

Also the rule makin is kinda weird in that the first prompt i get for any app is to ask it to act like a server (ie listen port UDP) No other firewall i have used (& i have used a few over the years) has asked me for rules like that. So basically i usually end up with two rules for most apps.

Also it still grinds the HD to a certain extent which slows down anythin that is happenin at that time.

I also noticed somethin strange with Azureus, i was gettin a torrent (about 700mb) & was slightly shocked to see this in the activity window of Comodo (the one i mean is highlighted in a slightly different colour.

BaNzI ;D

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