Still getting unexpected gmail drops & now JSF errors when using PE9 ??

Gmail was hopeless but thanks for major update to improve - but since 2006-0912@09:04GMt same occurs - also first test with Suns PE9/Netbeans also failing - no probs without. otherwise great (L)product - if any other similar known results I will post full info (B)


Could you please supply some more information. Are you having problems accessing the G-Mail site? Are you using an e-mail client such as thunderbird that is not working? If you are accessing the g-mail site yourself, what browser are you using to do this?


I am also having problem connecting to Gmail site, but it is intermediate, i.e., not all the time but it does happen more than just “occasionally”. I am using outlook2002 to access my Gmail. I’d really appreciate if there were some solution to work around it beside un-installing CPF. (:TNG)