Still doesnt remember settings


I have a problem here, few weeks ago I have installed Comodo and ever since i have problems with it remembering settings, specifically programs i have allowed access to Internet.
I have read numerous posts about this problem here, and didnt wanna post anything before i try everything recommended, but now i am in a loss. After fresh reinstall, I have set up a trusted network and scanned disk for knows applications as recommended. That didnt help, programs like firefox still required access when i opened them. I have checked Comodo, and firefox is listed 10 times and always allowed to access, TCP/IP in and TCP/IP out… When i get message from Comodo to allow a program, i make sure i allow ALL messages (cause i get like 5-7 messages), cause that what recommended too. That didnt help either.

I dont like firewalls like ZA who once u install them never ask a question again, thats not what firewall is supposed to do, but this is too much. I have disabled application control now along with application behavior analysis and now i feel worse then when i was without a firewall. This is a remarkable product, and i would hate to go back to Kerio or Sygate, and i really need your help solving this problem, cause i WANT to use Comodo.

Can someone please trow some more suggestions and help me keep my Comodo? Thank You!

Marko from Croatia (L)

What version are you using?

I think you’re not alone with this problem : check this out,4728.0.html :wink:

Yankee, that is a beta version you posted the link to.
I didn’t have this issue with the latest stable version.

i was using latest version, but now ive installed beta and my problems seem to have ended for now… we will see later on what happens :Beer

It got worse with beta 122 and 126 for me… :o