Still Clipboard chain viewers broken

once again i ask devs to dig into clipboard chain processing when they do SetClipboardViewer

The windows that are part of the clipboard viewer chain, called clipboard viewer windows, must process the clipboard messages WM_CHANGECBCHAIN and WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD. Each clipboard viewer window calls the SendMessage function to pass these messages to the next window in the clipboard viewer chain. A clipboard viewer window must eventually remove itself from the clipboard viewer chain by calling the ChangeClipboardChain function - for example, in response to the WM_DESTROY message.
prefferably PostM...

I have reasons to think cis brakes clipbrd chain on its own handler

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The matter is that this can be floating bug, but never happen when cis is uninstalled.
This is a user-mode part component’s troubles. Some hook/clipboard library (.dll) involved.
“Firewall Security”, maybe clipboard shellcodes checked or else…

still persists