still cant get scanner to work properly(now on version 3.018.309)

Since the scan system has been introduced on cfwv3 in defender it has not worked forme.First it would just do nothing when clicked then next update it started but scanned no files or folders buty said it was with the latest update it wont work cause it says im not the admin.There is only one user set up on this pc me asthe admin so it should work.I read the other thread which talked about turning off uac but i dont want to do that.
Also i read on another thread about a comodo/firewall/scanners folder but i dont have one in ther commodo directory just a repair one.

im on vista premium 32.

If any other info about my pc is needed dont hesitate to ask.

  1. Create the comodo/firewall/scanners folder and copy all of the files in repair that end in .cav into it (Installation Issue).
  2. If that doesn’t fix it, be sure you are logged on as an admin and restart CFP with “run as an admin” checked.
  3. If that doesn’t work, turn UAC off (Vista issue). You can turn it back on after the scan if it doesn’t cause other problems. We are trying to validate this as a bug/issue. UAC is a joint developer/Microsoft issue, may be better (or worse) in SP1. And future CFP releases. There are lots of programs that have problems with UAC out there.

No 1 did the trick its scanning as i write this .thanks.:slight_smile:

I was having the same problem as batrica and found the problem. When the firewall was installed on my Vista computer it created a scanners folder in the wrong location. This is where I found mine

Users/Me/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/COMODO/Firewall/scanners.

I created a new scanners folder with the 6 required .cav files under Program Files/COMODO/Firewall/ and the scanning does work now. I hope this information helps someone. I haven’t removed the original scanners folder yet being I don’t know if it will cause other problems.

This looks like a CFP problem… Things shouldn’t go into Virtual Store for Vista applications-must be left over from CAVS2 heritage, and CAVS2 is not Vista compatile. Presumably will be fixed by porting over part of CAVS3. Thanks for the info; should help both the developers and CFP users with scanner problems.

So, bug report for CFP

  1. 32 bit
  2. Vista
  3. N/A
  4. On demand scanner does not work because files are installed in the wrong location by CFP setup. Some users have found the folder with no .cav files, found them in the repair folder. Others have found them in the Virtual store folder, which indicates a non-Vista compatible program.
  5. Moved the files to the scanner folder manually
  6. N/A; installation problem
  7. N/A