still blocking 3389

to open firewall for remote desktop connection, i created a global rule to allow 3389 from any port, source, tcp, in, etc and also opened port 3389 in port sets
to test i’m coming from pc on my home network. so i can see it in the log, coming from the known pc ip address, going to port 3389, but still blocked,???

See if this helps.

hmmm, ok added the application rule for svchost, it is at the top of the svchost rules, and there is also a IP out for any-any under svchost. I moved the global rule to the top and it still blocking
in port sets I have 3389 set up like the global rule, the windows firewall is off
I also have my router forwarding 3389 traffic to the pc

Anything in the logs? Depending of your Global rule settings, the first time you attempt to connect over RDP you should receive and alert from svchost for the inbound connection. Perhaps you could post screenshots of your Global and application rules.

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here’s global, application for svchost, and firewall events, at one point previous, I had rdc set up and working to an alternate port on another machine and trying to remember I think that one only had the global rule but can’t be sure about that, and it was an xp box this one is win7

I never saw the comodo warning for svchost

Have you checked that remote desktop connections are allowed? I get the same blocked connections when it’s disabled.

By the way, you don’t need a separate Global rule for RDP, if the two local area network rules cover the same IP range (192.168.1.x/ Also, you appear to be allowing UDP in to svchost, from anywhere and then from the lan only? The latter rule is unnecessary as it’s covered by the former. I’d also have to wonder why you’d need either of these at all?

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embarrassed to say can’t remember why the udp is there, it was either some app on another box on my lan, or desperation trying to get win7 and xp seeing each others file. I should just remove it now anyway. however, it should not be interfering with any rdc traffic
thankfully I’m not that dumb to forget about allowing rdc for the box, I think its on by default anyway. However, my win 7 panel doesnt even have the rdc, just remote assistance, I thought for win7 it covers both remote assistance and rdc, other posts showing how to activate rdc show the same panel

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It’s difficult to make any suggestions without more detail. If you want, you can export your configuration - More/Manage My Configurations/Export the active configuration - zip the file and attach it to a post. Failing that, I’d need to see all of your application and Global rules.

With regard to the Remote Desktop tab, are you using a ‘Home’ edition of Windows? Maybe an obvious question, have you made sure the Windows Firewall is disabled?