Still blocked silently although rule not memorized (ticked) !!!

Just noticed an app was trying to use OLE to connect through my GMAIL mail checker (?!), actually whilst this app was open, GMail tried to check email and the app used or seem to use OLE to connect to the Net so I said “deny” without ticking. OK.

Now even with the app closed, GMAIL notifier still cant connect and being blocked [b]without being asked!!!

First “bug”: I didnt tick it SHOULD ask again not block silently! and it shows in the log[/b] and
2nd ? restarting didnt help! I had to “accept” as if CPF had kept the “suspicious” behaviour in memory!!!

Well there seem to be something wrong here?? with the app closed, GMAIL notfier should be “free to go” ???

Please help here it seems to be a significant glitch.