Sticky Password 6.0

- YouTube!

Nice find, though I prefer sticking with LastPass.

Though I am rather scared when using services like LastPass since they store the data on their servers and if there were to be a breach =S Hopefully they’ve got the passwords and data locked down very secure and don’t ignore it.

Lastpass employs pre -internet encryption, nothing leaves your machine in the clear.
Check this out you may wanna fast forward a little way to the Lastpass part although I find the whole podcast pretty good.
Its broadcast on Wednesdays, weekly listening on my way to and from work :smiley:

Edit: about 50 min’s or so in :slight_smile:

I had been thinking off and on over the last two years about trying last pass. After watching that video I finally was convinced to do it. It’s pretty spiffy.

Awesome ;D
After CIS and OpenVPN it’s the first thing I install, I use two factor authentication with Google authenticator on my mobile :-TU