Steve Irwin, man reasponsible to making Australians look a bit silly to overseas countries has passed away (Poor guy).

cheers, rotty

Man that stinks, my kids are going to be so upset seriously. I didn’t think he made aussies look funny. I rather enjoyed watching him interact with the wild… Truly saddened by this…

I just read this a bit ago. A very sad day.

I’ve been with rays many times while diving and they can get a little cranky when tormented, but they usually just swim away.

I would of thought if he was going to go, it would be by some large predator or a Snake Bite or something… Terrible…

OMG! That guy’s dead?
Man… I used to watch his show with my daughter…
…at least he died while he’s having “fun”.
Brave man, I say.

I thought he’d die an old man with lots of little Irwins at his feet.

Oh no, ■■■■ it. sorry for the language but this is terrible. We always watched him and my kids loved the show as well. I feel extremely bad for his wife and children. This truly sucks. My biggest fear is not dying but what my family would go through if it happened, and unfortunately his family is now living this nightmare. I thought perhaps another sick joke as the one that occured last year I think, but as sick as that was, he was still alive. My deepest regards to his wife and kids and family. He will be missed by me and my family as well.

A sad day for sure.


This is truly saddenning news. I saw this news earlier, and was shocked. He was a great guy and it’s such a shame for his wife and children.


Very sad news, My thoughts are with his family.

i read the news earlier. it is a terrible loss for his family and my thoughts are with them. my kids love to watch his shows.

It truly is a sad news. Our thoughts and prayers with his family!


I’ve seen an outpouring of sympathy from people who are usually too bothered to notice things like this. It’s interesting that such a man was able to just do what he loved in his own whacky way and be accepted by everyone. I’m glad that this oddball aussie was able to reach out to so many.

I’ll happily watch reruns and yell out “Crikey!” along with him.

My regards to his family, he was a great guy, and I loved his show, I never thought a ray would be the cause of his death though. Very shocking. :cry:

My sympathy to the Irwin family. My kids loved his show, as did my wife and I. I always thought a lion or some other large predator would do this man in, not some freak accident like this.
Anyone who has kids should get Steves’ video with The Wiggles, another Aussie import. Makes animals fun.

May he rest in peace. He will be missed by me and my family.

Had some good interviews with him and his family on Animal Planet yesterday and I’m sure today. Check to see if they’re on on your box if you’re interested. A little more info on what went on in his life… Truly a tragedy…

A man with his enthusiasm, love of nature and all of it’s creatures…someone who infects you to believe snakes are beautiful (and they are) will be missed sorely and it is a loss to the planet. :frowning:

Indeed it is, I don’t like snakes (still don’t) but when I watched him handle snakes, they didn’t bother me really.