steps to getting an ssl on site

It looks like a minefield to me. I’m new to all things ssl. Can any member outline the steps I need to follow right from the start so I can have an ssl certification on my site please?

I do know that I need to generate a CSR but how do I do that? Do I first need to buy a ssl certificate? ???

Thanks in advance.


First you need to determine which SSL certificate you need.
I suggest you start at to determine your requirements.
Take a look at the ‘I am new to SSL’ selection.

Then purchase your certificate.

Once you have decided on the certificate you need to generate and supply the CSR.
CSR Generation instructions for the most common web servers can be found here:

From the same knowledgebase link you can look at the SSL Validation FAQs, which details what documentation is needed…and that varies based on the type of certificate you decide to purchase.

Once we issue your certificate you will need to install it, again use the knowledgebase link to reach the Installation instructions for the product you purchased.

Finally update the references in your web site to https when you want to send people to a secure page.