Stem Cell Research/Therapy

Look at this doctor offering Stem Cell therapy

What do you think, good/Bad, should/should not? Just your own personal views without any politics pls


Personally I believe it’s way too early to be offering this kind of treatment as anything other than experimental. Take this quote form one of those sites

the opportunity to undergo an innovative and promising
I have not doubt that stem cell research will lead to very important improvements for certain conditions, but it’s not there yet.

In some ways this reminds me of the miraculous ‘cure for cancer’ that was doing the web rounds a year or two ago.

I won’t get into politics, but until certain ‘sects’ realise the importance of this research, it’ll never get the funding it really needs, at least in some countries…

Good question.

The logical part of me says “Stem cell therapies are a no-brainer and can relieve much suffering”

The spiritual side of me asks “Should we really be fiddling with a design that is greater than any of us?”

The philosophical side asks “What state will this leave the human race in and the planet in, if mortality rates are diminshed to a rate solely determined by medical advances and the inevitable bureaucratic controls placed around it?”

My jury is still out on this one. I’ll probably die still wondering about this.

Very good question though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

here is some more clinics offering your own adult stem cell to treat you



Thanks for the link, it has some interesting stuff in it…

Knee pain is a common condition among active people that can lead to severe disability. Certain sports and activities like [b]skiing[/b], basketball or running put greater stress on the knee, leading to injuries such as torn ligaments or cartilage problems (runner’s knee). Over time and with increasing severity of the knee pain, knee replacement surgery may be suggested.
I'll safe that page, it might be of use later. (but i hope not :-\)


An interesting read:

Regenexx vs the FDA 2009