steambackup.exe fails to run

Are there any known issues with steambackup.exe.
I have added it to safe files & to exclusions but it just disappears when I ask it to restore a backup file.

Have requested help from Steam but thought I’d check here too. No CIS logging occurs, nothing in event viewer, process thread just disappears.

exe may be d/l’d here -

Does this program get updated at a daily basis like with the regular Steam application?

Where is this file stored? On a HD in your computer or on an external drive, flash disk or network location?

Thanks for the reply.
It doesn’t seem to be subject to the updates frequency of the client.

Doesn’t matter where the exe is, in theory it can be on the HDD or on DVD etc & it should run.

It does matter from where it is run. When it is run from an external device like USB drive, networked drive, flash drive or encrypted partition files it is not considered safe as those devices are not necessarily continuously monitored.

When you make a rule for the application it will only last for the Windows session or until the device gets unhooked.

That’s why I need to know where the file is being ran from.

Should have clarified I meant from the perspective of the exe itself. It is supposed to be portable if req’d, not installed in a dedicated place like the Steam client/UI.

I had hunted down the exe I was running & placed it in exclusions. In the final few dozen attempts all were from a freshly d/l’d copy on the HDD.

I did notice today CCE flags a Steam file as suspect - XEND50091.dll. As this is in all my Steam folders I think its clean.

A few dozen attempts of what?

I did notice today CCE flags a Steam file as suspect - XEND50091.dll. As this is in all my Steam folders I think its clean.
That is likely a false positive. Consider submitting it to Comodo following [url=]How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting ![/url].

Will do

Decided to try a new PC & new OS - clean install & steambackup.exe still fails to run with indication as to why… Have contacted Steam but they aren’t (yet?) aware of what is causing this. Did a clean install instead of using the backup.exe in the end.
As CIS is a common element between my new & old PCs it does make me wonder. ???
There is still nothing logged anywhere just an exe that disappears withing seconds of launch.

Try the workarounds in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] and see if they fix it for you or not.