Steam (games) update.

I installed version Everything was running well until I started my Steam games software and it tried to update. When this happened, the expected Defense+ alerts arose and I started allowing permissions. It was clear there were going to be many of them. I was accepting them as an installer/updater and partway through I tried switching to Installation Mode to see it that would help the update to run more smoothly. It didn’t really. Steam seemed to have enough of being halted after a while and the update stopped. The program gave an error message: ‘Steam uninstalled but file still there’ (I think it said).

After this, Steam and the two games installed under it would not work. The shortcuts to all three could not find the programs. The files in the Steam directory were still there. I tried clicking a few .exe’s directly but it was clear the program wasn’t behaving properly. I could probably have persisted and got the games working, reinstalled Steam maybe. However, I have a disk image with Comodo 2.4 and all programs installed on it and it’s less trouble to use that (unless I fancy a challenge).

I’m back with 2.4 now and have updated Steam with no problems. This means I could now go on to install and all would be well. I obviously could have (or should have) handled the Steam update differerently. Can someone tell me how please? The main point perhaps is that, having done something that spoiled the Steam update, I wasn’t given a second chance at it. Steam seemed broken.

Edit: typo

If you use the steam updater often than instead of treating it as an installer, treat it as a trusted application. This will allow all access for steam.

Thanks Coolio10 - The update doesn’t happen often. I’ll make the right choice next time. I thought the experience worth a mention because making the wrong choice in how Defense+ handled the update left the games unusable. It could happen to others I suppose, perhaps even with other programs.

You must of had another alert and accidentally pressed deny or cancel. Or you may have left an alert open too long which caused steam to give up and report an error.

When using the installer predefined rule, make sure the alert is talking about the setup .exe file instead of another file launched by the setup or else the rule will not apply to the main installer process and it will set-off alerts that the main installer process is trying to launch something.