Steam and other games trying to access Comodo process

Hi! I don´t know is this right area for this question but please move this topic to elsewhere if not.

When I watched what Comodo IS has done I noticed that Defence+ has blocked 44 intrusions and I was curious to find out what they are.

What I find out was that for example Steam, newest Medal of Honor and Call of Duty Black Ops have tried to access memory and target was c:program files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe. I´am wondering why Steam and those games are trying to do that? Why they would need to use/modify AV software process?

Also take a look for these images:

What the heck is it doing?

I tried to add Steam.exe to Defense+ trusted files but it told me that “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe is already a safe file”, even though it isn’t in the trusted files list.

That’s something that steam can only answer.

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What you see is normal; comodo is protecting itself, doesn’t matter if the application is safe or not. There is a way to grant steam access memory but I don’t suggest you do that.

Can you play? if you can then there is no need to worry :slight_smile: If you get cpu usage then please tell us so we know.

Thanks Valentin.

It doesn’t seem to be causing any issues. Just a bit disconcerting that it shows up as a ‘blocked intrusion’.

I can’t help but wonder why Steam is even trying to access Comodo…

Memory Access is a programming technique. It can be used by non malicious or malicious applications and as such is not n proof of malicious intent of a program.